Terms and Conditions

1. Laboratory Markets Limited: provides market research services and supplies online business information including technical and market reports, analyses, forecasts and related information
2. This Agreement: Unless otherwise indicated, this legal Agreement covers your use of all or part of our products and services and represents the full legal Agreement between us.
3. Reports and Services: Laboratory Markets Limited provides market research services covering commercial sectors, technology and products, clinical practices, developments and trends, sales, business outlook, competitors, surveys, commercial insights, risk assessments and related areas. All market research services provided by Laboratory Markets Limited are subject to individual legal Agreements.
4. Formats: Reports are made available in several formats including pdf, CD ROM (pdf) or printed hardcopy. For convenience and unless otherwise requested, reports are dispatched to purchasers as pdf email attachments. CD ROM and printed hardcopy dispatches incur additional charges.
5. Despatch: Reports available through Laboratory Markets Limited are generally supplied within 24 hours of the receipt of an order. However, in the case of larger market studies, reports may be supplied within 7 working days of the receipt of an order. Customers should allow 14 days for the delivery of CD ROM or printed hardcopy dispatches.
6. Ordering: Reports can be ordered using the WorldPay secure online ordering system. Purchasers may also request a proforma invoice. Alternatively, purchases may be made by direct transfer, using the banking details provided below. Unless otherwise indicated in a Laboratory Markets Limited product quotation or invoice, an order cannot be fulfilled until we have received payment.
7. Prohibited: The reproduction or redistribution of reports purchased from or supplied by Laboratory Markets Limited, is strictly is prohibited.
8. Copyright: Unless otherwise indicated, all information on the Laboratory Markets Limited websites (www.biopharmreports.com) are Copyright (Laboratory Markets Limited).
9. Licences: Reports supplied by Laboratory Markets Limited are subject to specific user-licence conditions. A “Single User Licence” allows a customer to have access to a purchased report, however this report may not be distributed to any other person, company or organisation. A “Departmental User Licence” allows a customer to have access to a purchased report, however this report may be distributed to any colleague who is employed within the same company department of the individual who placed the order for the report. A “Global Licence” allows a customer to have access to a purchased report, however this report may also be distributed to any colleagues or departments within the purchasing company, globally.
10. Refund Policy : As information in the form of reports is used by purchasers as soon as reports are received, Laboratory Markets Limited cannot give refunds for orders once they have been dispatched. Proof of dispatch (e.g. the email dispatch record) by Laboratory Markets Limited is taken as evidence of dispatch by Laboratory Markets Limited and it is incumbent on all customers to notify Laboratory Markets Limited if they have not received an ordered report within 72 hours of placing the order.
In the event that a report is not received by the customer, the order will be re-sent. Laboratory Markets Limited cannot accept returned products once they have been delivered to the customers (i.e. once the email and report attachment has been sent).
In the event of a dispute (see 13 below) where Laboratory Markets Limited is unable, in its sole opinon, to make such remedies defined under section 13 below, the purchaser will be be given a refund equal to sum they have paid for the associated report.
11. Cancellation: Laboratory Markets Limited does not accept the cancellation of an order once a report has been sent to the purchaser. However, any cancellation requests are considered on an individual basis.
12. Liability: The information presented in reports supplied by Laboratory Markets Limited are based on the opinions, views and conclusions of the author(s) and publisher. Whilst the information contained in reports supplied by Laboratory Markets Limited is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, Laboratory Markets Limited accepts no liability for the information contained herein, nor for its completeness in any respect. Laboratory Markets Limited accepts no liability for any decisions or actions that are taken, based on the content, views or conclusions contained in reports supplied. Neither Laboratory Markets Limited, nor any of its suppliers of third-party content, are liable in any way, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by the use of reports or information supplied by Laboratory Markets Limited.
13. Disputes: In the event of a dispute between a purchaser (hereafter referred to as 'purchaser') and Laboratory Markets Limited, regarding a report published by Laboratory Markets Limited, Laboratory Markets Limited will undertake to remedy any associated requirements or deficiences within 10 working days and subsequently supply the purchaser with a new version of the report. In the event that such remedies are necessary, Laboratory Markets Limited exercises the sole right to decide that such remedies have been duly made, however this does not affect the statutory legal rights of the purchaser. Refund Policy: In the events that such remedies and any associated requirements or deficiences cannot be made made 10 working days, a full refund (with 24 hours of this decision or outcome) equivalent to the report purchase price, will be given to the purchaser.
14. Privacy Policy : We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
15. Delivery Policy : All reports are delivered by email within 24 hours of the receipt of payment for a report order.
16. English Law: This Agreement will be interpreted in accordance with English Law.